• L. Kysh Vinnytsia National Agrarian University


digitalization, business process management, IT, framework, digital transformation, digital economy


The objective of the article is to study the role of business process management in the context of digitalization and digital transformation of the economy. Mentioned objective involved the implementation of a number of tasks: to analyze modern scientific developments in the field of research to improve the management of business processes in the context of digitalization; identify the basic conceptual principles and areas for improving business processes in enterprises in a digitalized economy; analysis of international experience of business support in the direction of digitalization of major business processes; identification of the most important business processes of enterprises that need improvement through the use of information technology. Despite the various advantages, the implementation of a business process management system in the context of digitalization can be a difficult task, as it simultaneously affects different organizational levels and requires time, finances and human resources. For a successful business process management mechanism, enterprises must take into account a variety of success factors, ranging from standardization and automation of processes, to the integration and involvement of stakeholders and proper training (development) of employees. The authors identified that the development of public-private partnership in the field of digitalization will provide enterprises with the following advantages: increased the competitiveness and ability to respond quickly to changes in the environment; minimize the dependence of research projects on organizational and administrative resources; use the experience of past developments and commercial proposals; increase the efficiency of the external and internal services of innovation infrastructure; reduce administrative costs.

Author Biography

L. Kysh , Vinnytsia National Agrarian University

Сandidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of computer sciences and economic


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