• R. Mirkhaydarov Research Medical and Wellness Center "Health and Longevity"
  • D. Valishin Bashkir State Medical University
  • R. Kildibekova Bashkir State Medical University


Chronic viral hepatitis C, immunology, pharmacopuncture, Alloplant.


The clinical and immunological evaluation of the treatment of 182 patients with chronic viral hepatitis C with the use of pharmacopuncture with Alloplant biomaterial was carried out. All patients took the drug Phosphogliv as a basic therapy. When assessing the dynamics of the biochemical blood test against the background of pharmacopuncture, a markedly more pronounced decrease in the level of the enzymes alkaline phosphatase, ALT and AST was revealed in comparison with the group receiving only Phosphogliv. All patients had baseline leukopenia and lymphopenia. The analysis of the immunogram parameters revealed that in patients treated with pharmacopuncture with Alloplant biomaterial, there was an increase in the number of white blood cells by 1.6 times, including lymphocytes by 2.2 times compared to the control group. Thus, the study revealed the anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and immunoregulatory effects of the acupuncture administration of the biomaterial "Alloplant".

Author Biographies

R. Mirkhaydarov , Research Medical and Wellness Center "Health and Longevity"

 Candidate of Medicine, Senior Researcher

D. Valishin , Bashkir State Medical University

Doctor of Medicine,  Professor of  the Department of Infectious Diseases with the EITI course 

R. Kildibekova , Bashkir State Medical University

 Doctor of Medicine,  Professor of the Department of Mobilization Training  of Health Care and Disaster Medicine


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