• A. Melnikova FSBEI HE Kuban State Agricultural University named after I.T.Trubilin


Krasnodar Region's agricultural sector, economic potential, agricultural products and raw materials


Agriculture in the Krasnodar Region is considered to be the main link in the agricultural sector of the Russian economy. Currently, agricultural development and food security in the Russian Federation are among the most important strategic tasks. A highly efficient agricultural sector is the basis for the material and social well-being of society. Krasnodar Region's actively developing agriculture plays a huge role for all of Russia, fulfilling the strategic task of supplying food. It is one of the few regions that guarantee food security for all of our country's large population. The Krasnodar Region's geographic location and natural and climatic conditions, due to the borders of temperate and subtropical climate zones, and the availability of good agricultural land, have determined the main direction economy. The article reviews the main economic and production indicators, analyses and evaluates the economic potential of the industry.

Author Biography

A. Melnikova, FSBEI HE Kuban State Agricultural University named after I.T.Trubilin

 PhD candidate


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