• Е. Borzenko Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine
  • T. Panfilova Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine


pandemic, vaccination, depression, global risks, crisis, socio-economic consequences, resilience, instability, crisis management


The article is devoted to the study of potentially threatening phenomena on the way to stabilizing and overcoming depressive trends in the global economy in the medium and long term in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, taking into account the identification of areas of global risk. The reformatting of the global socio-economic landscape is substantiated, which is determined by the course of the pandemic, deformations and intensification of competition in world markets, different rates of decline and recovery of economic growth in general and individual industries, financial market volatility, destabilization of public finances. social protection. This is confirmed by the dynamics of international trade in goods and services, declining investment capital flows and exacerbation of the global debt problem. Emphasis is placed on the need to form in each country anti-crisis potential on a scientifically sound basis in order to counter external and internal threats and stimulate sustainable socio-economic development.

Author Biographies

Е. Borzenko , Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine

Doctor of economics, рrofessor,  Head of the Sector of International Financial Research

Professor Lanzhou University (China)

T. Panfilova , Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine

Candidate of Sciences in Economics, Leading researcher  Department of International Financial Research  


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