• I. Ishinov LLC "Erfis"
  • L. Travushkina Magpharm lab


trademark, intellectual property, naming, trade name, generics.


This paper presents an analysis of the features of naming in the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation. The article examines the role of INN status in the creation of innovative drugs, as well as the importance of such identification means as a trademark, trade name in the formation and development of new drug brands in the Russian and international markets. Attention is drawn to the need to create a national system for expert selection of non-proprietary names and legislative consolidation of the legal protection of INN and INN, as well as the implementation of strict control by the state.

Author Biographies

I. Ishinov , LLC "Erfis"

patent attorney, director

L. Travushkina, Magpharm lab

patent attorney, Cand. farm. sciences


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