• H. Kravchuk Vinnytsya National Agrarian University
  • Ye. Dudnik Vinnytsia National Agrarian University


forest, ecosystem, biodiversity, carbon deposition, forest cover, plantation restoration, bio productivity.


Forest ecosystems of the Shepetivka district of Khmelnytsky comprehensively affect the environment, stabilizing many indicators that improve environmental conditions, biodiversity is preserved, deposited carbon, and stabilizes the district's ecological situation. In the forest cover of Ukraine, which is 15.9%, the total forest cover of the territories occupied by the State Enterprise (SE) "Shepetivka Forestry" is 20.95%: Polonsky district n – 15.9% and Shepetivka district – 26%.

The species composition is dominated by pine plantations, which occupy 41% of the forested area, oak plantations – 28%, birches – 15%, alders – 9%, other breeds – 7%.

The total stock of wood at the “Shepetivka Forestry” State Enterprise is about 7.7 million m3, where coniferous trees - 4.2 million m3, hardwood - 2.1 million m3, softwood - 1.43 million m3. The average stock per  1 ha is 4.1 m3. Plantation area of artificial origin is about 60.3% of the area covered by forest vegetation of lands. The forest-covered area of 32840.3 hectares of phytomass of SE forests "Shepetivka Forestry" is 5224891 tons, where 2604235.8 tons of carbon are accumulated.

However, the analysis of potential productivity of forest areas of SE "Shepetivka Forestry" is only 55.3%. The indicator shows a significant reserve in use potential productivity, which requires the more efficient use of forest areas and improving the quality of forests, increasing their productivity and biological stability.

Author Biographies

H. Kravchuk , Vinnytsya National Agrarian University

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,  Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection

Ye. Dudnik, Vinnytsia National Agrarian University

post-graduate student of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection


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