• V. Irodov Dniprovsk State Technical University, Kamenskoe, Ukraine
  • D. Chirin Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture Dnipro, Ukraine
  • М. Shaptala Dnipro Technological University "Step"
  • D. Shaptala Dnipro Technological University "Step" Dnipro, Ukraine


use of solar energy, system analysis, film collector, heat pump, multicriteria optimization.


The aim of the work is to obtain dimensionless criteria and a mathematical model of a solar film collector, as well as optimization of the combined operation of the solar film collector and the ‘water-water’ type thermal pump. To achieve the aim set the experimental research of the solar film collector was performed and the mathematical model of it was developed with dimensionless parameters (criteria). The mathematical model was plotted of the interaction between the solar film collector and the heat pump of ‘water-water’ type in the form of a hydraulic circuit with the controlled parameters. A new important result of the work is a formulation of the solution accepting problem for the system under study as a multi-criterial problem with the use of the binary ratios of selection and the preference function during the solution choice. Also significant are the developed algorithms of the evolution search, which ensure the solution of the formulated problem and convergence of the iteration search to the sought solutions with a probability of 1. The significancy of the obtained results consists of the developed methods of a multi-criterial optimization of the combined operation of the solar film collectors and ‘water-water’ thermal pumps. The numerical results showed that the operation of the film collectors combined with the heat pumps ensure fairly high values in thermal energy obtaining for the heat supply upon small expenses of the mechanical energy (or the drive electric energy).

Author Biographies

V. Irodov , Dniprovsk State Technical University, Kamenskoe, Ukraine

doctor of engineering, professor

D. Chirin , Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture Dnipro, Ukraine

PhD candidate

М. Shaptala , Dnipro Technological University "Step"

candidate of technical sciences, ass. professor

D. Shaptala, Dnipro Technological University "Step" Dnipro, Ukraine

candidate of technical sciences


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