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Shahriyar, Sahandiya, Patriotism, Human feelings, Magnificent


There is nothing that can affect the spirit and national consciousness of the people as an artistic word. Glorification, propagation and transmission of human feelings from generation to generation is the highest task of the art of speech and literature. In this sense, there is a greater task and responsibility before genius masters of a word. In keeping the people alive, instilling human feelings, and glorifying the highest human feelings such as patriotism, heroism, and bravery, the poets held a leading position in all periods of society. The works of the poet Mohammad Hussein Shahriyar (1906-1988), the most famous figure of both South and North Azerbaijani literature, and the pearls of art he created, especially the poem “Sahandiya” written in a modern style, are of great interest to many readers today. The main purpose of the article is to acquaint the modern reader with the valuable heritage of the poet, promote this heritage by demonstrating the artistic features and importance of the poem “Sahandiya”, which is considered one of the masterpieces among the poet's works written in the native language.

Although the poet does not speak in an open context in the poem, the city of M.A. Sabir, remembering Shamakha and Shirvan, actually reminds of the problem of divided Azerbaijan.

The last parts of the poem are dedicated to the problem of separation, one of the most painful issues of a divided Azerbaijan. The master described the enthusiasm of the poets of North Azerbaijan for his voice as the support of the mountains, the clear dawn of the waters of the Araz, holding the lamp in the darkness, "the sturgeon of that foal." Due to these features - the high appreciation of national and spiritual interests, the poem "Sahandiya" remains relevant at all times.


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