• A. Sehrana Institute of Architecture and Art of ANAS



Arabic, art, music, culture, East, West, gazelle


The article examines the features of Azerbaijani art and musical culture of the Near and Middle East. Referring to fundamental scientific sources, the author informs about the revival of the Arab world, oriental culture and art in the Middle Ages, characterizes interstate relations of this historical period. Lyric and philosophical poems, love-lyric songs (gazelles), epic and religious legends, odes and praises became the subject of consideration. The work of the great Nizami Ganjavi and other Azerbaijani poets is discussed, their works are analyzed, which reflect the role of music in human life, emphasize its importance in the formation of personality and the impact on his emotional and spiritual-psychological state.

The author provides examples from musical treatises of great Azerbaijani thinkers, gives a comparative description of these treatises with scientific and theoretical studies of oriental musicologists who lived and worked in the Middle Ages. They are included in the article as paragraphs.

Author Biography

A. Sehrana, Institute of Architecture and Art of ANAS

Leading researcher of the department "Art and architecture of Caucasian Albania", Ph.D. in art history, associate professor


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