• A. Kabarukhin Nexign, JSC



Internet of things, IoT, concept


The article examines the concept of using the Internet of Things from the historical, semantic, value, performance and perspective sides. Graphically presented the principle of the Internet of Things and the objectives of its application in various fields of activity. A SWOT analysis of the concept of using the Internet of Things in modern smart cities is developed. In the most general sense, the Internet of Things is not a real worldwide network, but the concept of a network of those very "things," that is, physical and virtual objects that are connected to the Internet and the outside world. They are able to transmit the data they receive to each other in order to perform various actions based on it. However, it is not only manufacturers of "smart" equipment that are involved in the development of the concept. For the Internet of Things to function properly, many components need to work together, including communication systems, sensors, software, and technology platforms that connect devices and allow them to "see" and "understand" each other. Particular attention is paid to the comparison of Russian and international experience of using the Internet of Things and examples of its practical application (in the format of digital (applications) and real activities). Conclusions are made about the promising directions of development of the analyzed concept in the form of a smart city. 

Author Biography

A. Kabarukhin , Nexign, JSC

Senior DevOps Engineer


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