• O. Ponomarenko National Aviation University - Kiev
  • A. Moshensky National Aviation University - Kiev
  • A. Savchenko National Aviation University - Kiev


segment-fanned Radon transformations, tomographic signal processing


The methods of detection of acoustic noise signals generated at the expiration of a fluid through a defect of a pipeline under pressure. The fundamental difference of this method is to refine the model of useful and interfering signals, such as data loss and noise. The results of theoretical analysis of the detection method and the coordinate measuring acoustic source are represented. For efficient detection and location of breaks in pipelines under the ground or under water, has developed a computerized system for remote detection methods with multi site tomographic detection on incomplete and noisy data. The detector-meter circuit, and results of the qualitative analysis of the time characteristics are shown.

Author Biographies

O. Ponomarenko , National Aviation University - Kiev

PhD, Associate Professor

Director College of Engineering and Management 

A. Moshensky , National Aviation University - Kiev

PhD, Associate Professor  Department of Computer Information Technologies 

A. Savchenko , National Aviation University - Kiev

PhD, Associate Professor, head of department ,Department of Computer Information Technologies 


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