• I. Svystun The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine


accent, composition, architectural form, classical style, history of architecture.


The study is aimed at determining the role and specifics of using the compositional means of accent in classical architecture. The main feature of the use of accent during this period is the stability of its compositional characteristics and its use as a basic tool in the structure of the architectural form. High plastic and artistic qualities created on the basis of the order system, as well as the strength of traditions, have identified him as a symbol in the history of classical architecture. 

An accent in a classic period was called to strengthen building prestige, role of main facade and parade entrance, underline them important position in the general structure of architectural form. It leads to that accent, – in a classic period of development of architecture was not a second-rate or casual element, but served as a main composition mean, fixed as a concrete composition structure (formulas), that became the standard of expressiveness and harmony. Application of this composition mean was a basic traditional decision in classic architecture (by essence of the classics in architecture). 

Found out the followings types of accentual decisions: First and major – on the basis of three-cornered fronton or attika with addition of portico; Second – on the basis of the arched construction; Combined – combines a fronton and arch; Additional are portals (with different configurations of cuts and registration), front doors stair, portholes (gothic architecture), dome, sculptural the plastic arts and other.

Author Biography

I. Svystun , The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine

Applicant Department of Theory, History of Architecture


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